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Hello, Ichigo here!! I just wanted to make a post regarding a new game I’ve been independently developing on-and-off since around mid Spring of this year! *_*

it will be a story-oriented adventure game featuring old and new original characters of mine, as well as custom graphics!

you can read more about it using the navigational sidebar on, and as always, questions/feedback are welcomed! feel free to follow for upcoming news, too!

Thank you VERY much for looking! ♥♥

Do you know where I can find the new noragami ova with english subs? Thanks in advance :D
here u go anon! :D Enjoy!

I laughed so hard while watching Noragami OVA2 god help me


by ㅌㅗㄴ
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Hiyori ✿◕‿◕✿ || Noragami ova 2