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Is it normal to hear things when you’re studying at 3 am


God Bless the animators.

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#free_69min: ghibli! i worked really hard on these puns okay


If Makoto and Haru had an instagram  → Makoto would upload a lot of kitten pictures, and not a lot of pictures of himself swimming feeling a little bashful of being in nothing but his swimming suit. Despite that, he’d gain a large number of followers because people recognized hotties when they see’em, besides who doesn’t love cats? He’d like everyone’s pictures, and virtually every single one of haru’s since there’s barely any. Nagisa made his account.   Haru  → No proper pictures of himself, and barely uses it, he forgets he even has one! A lot of pictures of the food he makes, and things he likes, and the occasional group shot. Not much in the captions of his pictures or bio. Rin and the gang would take pictures of him and tag him and he’d like those in their instagrams. it was hard finding a non taken username.

Sousuke & Rin | Mikoshibas | Nitori & KouNagisa & Rei

You no failure. You AMAZING. ~ a person

TwT if only that were true….. thanks “a person” !

Tries to learn a whole semester in one day
I’m a total failure